Pinterest for Crafters…

One of the awesome things about Pinterest is that you can learn so many things – new recipes, housekeeping tips and tricks, and even how to make things that you never knew you could. Every day I go on, there are tons of crafts! I mark them and get some great ideas when I am looking for inspiration or something to do with the kiddos…. here are some ways that Pinterest is helpful for crafters.

1. Showcase your Etsy Shop or share a friends Etsy shop with others – You can pin items from your (or your favorite) Etsy shop. It can help get exposure for the shop and show others what is out there to purchase or make. If one of your followers loves it and repins it, and one of their follower repins it and one of their followers…. you get the point. Have artwork or handmade items you made – pin it!

2. Learn how to make – You don’t have to be a crafter for money. Sometimes you want to learn how to do something new or want to make inexpensive things. You can get inspiration from the other pins. I make a pinboard for each holiday craft, crafts for the home, and Make Your Own items.

3. Have a craft blog? – Pin your crafts. Pinning your crafts is not only a great way to share your knowledge with others but maybe pick up a few readers along the way.

4. Set some craft ideas aside for a rainy day. Start a “Rainy Day” Board or “When I’m Bored” board. Next time you have some free time, check out the board and pick a craft.

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Above Image is from a friends Etsy Shop –

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