It’s really simple! There are three ways to pin an item to your board

1.  Manual Pin

Copy the URL of the site you love or where the image you want to pin is located

On Your Dashboard, click on Add and then New Pin

Enter the URL, choose the board you want to pin it to and add a description. This is where you can tweet or post to Facebook. Note: If you are tweeting, you may want to add @ for mentions or # hashtags

Click on Pin it

2. Pinning Toolbar

Install the PIN IT button on your toolbar – Instructions are HERE

Everytime that you see a page you want to pin, just click on the pin and it will take you to a similar screen like above where you can chose the board you want to pin it to and also you can add your description or share with social media.

3. Repin Someone elses pin!

When you see something you like on someone elses board, hover over the picture and you will see in the top left corner a “Repin” button. Click that and fill in the rest of the information – that easy:)

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