Pinterest is described as a Virtual Pinboard. It lets you share images and links to things you find on the web on a “board” that others can veiw, comment on, and repin to their own boards. Personally I use it as a way to share information for my blog, let others get to know me a little better by viewing my favorites, and keep all of my favorites organized on a virtual site instead of on my computer where information can get lost.

Some ways that you can use your pinboard:

Organize items you like when redecorating your home

Make a “virtual” cookbook with all the things you want to make

Plan your wedding

Pin information that you want to share with readers, customers, and friends

Make a wishlist for your Birthday or Special Events and share with your family and friends!

The possibilities are endless!

Right now Pinterest is by invitation only. If you would like an invite, please send your email address to lehighvalleymomma@yahoo.com – include PINTEREST INVITE in the subject line and I will try to hook you up!

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