Once apon a time, there was a girl who loved to find unique crafts, awesome websites, and yummy recipes on the internet. She bookmarked all those items she found, so she could reference them from time to time. Then one day an evil computer virus entered the kingdom. The girl took her computer to people who said they knew what they were doing and they could slay the evil virus. Turns out they couldn’t, they were idiots, and her computer came back empty and broken and never to be used again. All her programs, photos, videos, and favorites she had bookmarked were gone forever.

Then one day a friend of the girl told her she could have a Virtual Pinboard that no evil virus could get to and the girl lived happily ever after – pinning away.

OK, so I have a flair for the dramatic, but that girl was me. I spent so much time bookmarking only to have it all gone. That’s reason #1 why I love Pinterest!

Why else do I love Pinterest?

  • It’s easy and user friendly
  • I learn something new everyday
  • I can share ideas and thoughts with my readers, friends, and family
  • I can make wish lists
  • I can keep all my favorite recipes in one place
  • My readers can get to know me by viewing some of my favorite things

I think as a blogger, Pinterest is a must. You can’t possibly post every cool thing you see or site you visit. This allows you to quickly “pin” something and let the readers visit for themselves. That way you can share more information than you could before? 

How else can you use pinterest as a blogger?

  • Blogroll (easy to add and update)
  • Gift Guides for the holiday
  • Recipes & Crafts for readers
  • Keep your blogging tips in one place to reference and share with other bloggers

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Who else would benefit from Pinterest?


Personal Shoppers


Small Business Owners

Bride to Be’s

Want an invite – just email me at lehighvalleymomma@yahoo.com and I will do my best to get you one!

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